Five Years Later: What’s Changed and Some Advice for PR-osperity

October 21, 2020By Lisa Fels Davitt

I could not have predicted that my firm would evolve and grow so much throughout the past five years. Succession Communications was born on October 27, 2015. Since then, the work has been challenging and rewarding, but never boring. I’m forever grateful to my phenomenal clients, colleagues, partners, family and friends. But enough about Succession. … Read More

COVID-19: Media Training Ain’t Dead, It’s Different

September 10, 2020By Nick Mitsis

Reports of media training’s death are greatly exaggerated. But in the COVID-19 era, it is different. Spokespeople are no longer focused just on the messages they deliver, but on their background scenery and performance of their technology. As a former journalist, and now with more than 20 years in the public relations, I have conducted media … Read More

Consumer RePRts: The Best Clients…And the Ones to Avoid

July 23, 2020By Lisa Fels Davitt

“COVID-19 has screwed the economy, so we have to take the clients we can get.” Wrong. That’s not only short-sighted, it could be very damaging to PR firms. A shaky economy is not an excuse to compromise our standards in the PR business. PR firms should seek out the best possible client base (similarly, in-house … Read More

Face to Face at a Distance: Make it Work

June 4, 2020By Lisa Fels Davitt and Liam Davitt

Every day, we’ve seen more Fortune 500 companies announce telework plans for COVID-19 and many PR firms are following suit. Working at a distance is quite the challenge for public relations professionals who are in the business of generating visibility and enhancing relationships. In such a people-driven field, what have we lost in this extended … Read More

Read the Room: Be the Caribou, Not the Chicken

May 28, 2020By Nick Mitsis

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies were searching for appropriate ways to be wisely sensitive about what to say and how to say it. Yes, time has passed, but guess what? We are still in the middle of a pandemic. As of this writing, the U.S. is at a 14.7 percent unemployment … Read More