By Lisa Fels Davitt

Last week, I posted a tribute to PR in Washington, DC, the city that molded me professionally. Now, I am commemorating NYC, the city that molded me both professionally and personally.

So, let’s talk NYC PR.

My first taste of true corporate PR and communications, supporting Fortune 500 financial and professional services organizations at Porter Novelli and Edelman, valuable stints in-house at New York Life and Verizon (with well-loved colleagues!). NYC PR taught me the art of executive visibility, speech writing, media tours, product launches, PR for major conferences and tradeshows, and – my personal favorite – media training. I learned how to connect with NYC audiences (often through media) – corporate investors, for instance, or corporate clients, in the case of B2B PR.

Word to the NYC PR wise: rinse and repeat is only for the shower. Not all corporate audiences are the same. The messaging and approach need to be customized to have the desired effect.

Succession Communications always seems like the love child of DC PR and NYC PR. I can do crisis comms and love the “win” associated with public affairs, but I’ve long considered myself more of a corporate PR expert. And I found myself missing NYC (perhaps in part because I’m a northern NJ native).

On Tuesday, June 11th, I’m going back to my roots.

I’m taking my family and my business and we’re heading to Essex County, NJ, just 30 minutes from NYC. I’ll be back in the same region as many of my beloved current and former clients, friends, and extended family.

And what a time to be there! Having rebounded from a global pandemic (because of course it did #badassnyc), NYC is once again an epicenter of ingenuity, innovation and intelligence. This city is keeping the U.S. at the forefront of growth. I can’t wait to power it.