Services / Scope of Engagements

We understand that every client has different communications requirements and we can work with you in a flexible way that best serves your needs. As those needs evolve, we can scale our communications program to provide you with the right communications campaign at the right time.

Sustained Campaign Approach

We can assess your communications needs, develop a substantive ongoing program, report progress regularly and measure our results to ensure we achieve your communications goals. An ongoing communications campaign is typically the most effective way to build lasting relationships with your key audiences, increase visibility and help you establish a leading brand in your business sector.


Project Approach

Many times, when our clients have an in-house team or limited resources, they enlist support for a particular project or initiative. For example, they may want to garner attention for a significant product rollout or wish to generate media interest in a speaking engagement at a conference. We develop strategies and initiatives to handle such project-based requests.


Strategic Counsel

Sometimes our clients have a team of talented professionals and do not require implementation support, but seek our counsel on the ideal strategies to achieve a particular goal. We work collaboratively with these clients to brainstorm and develop a communications plan. This is often the most cost-effective arrangement for clients that have the capability to execute PR programs themselves.