Consumer RePRts: The Best Clients…And the Ones to Avoid

July 23, 2020By Lisa Fels Davitt

“COVID-19 has screwed the economy, so we have to take the clients we can get.” Wrong. That’s not only short-sighted, it could be very damaging to PR firms. A shaky economy is not an excuse to compromise our standards in the PR business. PR firms should seek out the best possible client base (similarly, in-house … Read More

Want to Earn Media Coverage? Do These Three Things…At Least

July 9, 2020By Nick Mitsis

“Oh, I don’t call to follow up with the journalists I send my email pitch to. They are too busy, and I don’t want to disturb them.” …um I’m sorry, what? That’s what a former colleague of mine told me she was told by a public relations practitioner. I couldn’t believe what I heard. As … Read More