2015 has been a pivotal year for me, to say the least.

I turned 40. I lost two grandparents and gained my first nephew. I served as maid-of-honor in my oldest friend’s wedding and advanced my own relationship. A bittersweet year. A pivotal year.

When confronted with multiple changes in an individual’s personal life, people can go in one of two directions. They either become overwhelmed and retreat a bit professionally or they say, “When it rains it pours. Carpe diem!” and seize the opportunity to dive into new challenges. I do the latter.

After nearly 20 years in the PR industry, I felt compelled to take my most important step professionally. To the credit of some of the finest mentors, clients and colleagues in the industry, I felt prepared to take the plunge and create a client-focused business like I had imagined I could.

Hence, Succession Communications was born.

You can see on our website why I named the company Succession Communications. It’s about executing communications programs in the right way at the right time for companies to propel their growth over the long term.

But there’s clearly another reason. I have led communications teams at agencies and managed PR programs at premier multinational corporations. Given my background and history, I’m accustomed to proposing clients’ next steps for growth.

“PR to Power Your Growth” is Succession Communications’ tagline. While that was meant to be client facing, I think I might also be powering my own growth…personally and professionally.

2015 is nearly behind us and a host of new opportunities await. Let me do what I’m most passionate about and what I feel I’m best at. Let me work alongside you to help you succeed.

Alongside my talented network of partners, I am deeply proud to bring you Succession Communications. I look forward to working with you.